QB Nick Foles, Arizona

Eagles, 3rd round. Ariz.: Jr. Great size. Great hand size. Former transfer from Michigan State.

Positives: Willing to run the ball, though isn’t a natural. Nice anticipation on timing routes.

Negatives: Poor speed. Below-average accuracy in pocket and on run. Stares down receivers. Average arm at best and below-average velocity. Big trouble reading coverages. Not enough arm strength to fit ball into tight windows. Loses his base when he has to set up and throw — on run or in pocket. Doesn’t move well in pocket. Missed 2 games with dislocated kneecap in 2010.

Projection: Obviously won’t start over Mike Vick, but should be their 2012 3rd QB behind Trent Edwards or Mike Kafka. Will likely be groomed as team’s QB of the future, but I don’t expect him to be very successful consistently. Draft and stash if you have the room, but he’s not a priority.

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