2011 NFL Rookie Draft Results

The dynasty fantasy football league I’m in is in its 4th year now. It’s a 12-team non-PPR league with 29-man rosters with starting lineups of 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, a TE, Kicker, and Team Defense.

The mix of players in my league is a little erratic — most take it seriously, some take it very seriously, but a few seem to be nearly comatose. One team is an absolute joke where the guy still has Deshaun Foster and Drew Bennett on his roster, neither of whom have been close to the NFL for at least two years. And yes, I’ve tried to help that guy — even offering him a 4th-round pick for the dead weight on his roster, but he’d declined.

What can I say? Some people just don’t mind losing.

Here is a list of the players who were drafted in our latest draft. This might help you if your league’s format and idiot ratio are similar to mine.

Good luck!

Round 1

  1. Team 1: Mark Ingram
  2. Team 2: Daniel Thomas
  3. Team 3: AJ Green
  4. Team 4: Roy Helu
  5. Team 5: Julio Jones
  6. Team 1: Ryan Williams
  7. Team 6: Kendall Hunter
  8. Team 7: Alex Green
  9. Team 8: Cam Newton
  10. Team 9: Randall Cobb
  11. Team 10: Jonathan Baldwin
  12. Team 11: Torrey Smith

My Pick: Throughout this draft, I’m Team 3. The names of the other teams have been changed to hide their undying shame. So my first-round pick — the number-three overall — is AJ Green. Honestly, it was a tossup between Green and Julio Jones. And if Team 4 had been willing to trade, I would have been fine trading back to get Jones instead. They’re both going to be excellent WRs for a long time. And while Jones has the better QB throwing to him, he also has Roddy White across from him stealing his thunder. And while Green is definitely THE MAN in Cincinnati, he has either Andy Dalton or Bruce Gradkowski throwing to him. Both excellent talents whose situations may limit their ceiling for the next few seasons. 

Best Pick: Not that I’m biased, but AJ Green is an awesome pick. I had traded Anquan Boldin (my WR2 who has underperformed for a couple of years now) to get the 3rd pick in the hopes that AJ or Jones fell to me and immediately replace and eventually exceed Boldin’s production. So it worked out great for me.

Biggest Surprise: I could go with either Daniel Thomas or Roy Helu — guys who will probably never prove worthy of their draft position — but I’m going with Alex Green. Now, I like Green a lot, but even I have him as my 12th-rated RB. He has the skills to be a low-end RB1 some day, but that day is in at least two years away with Grant and Starks ahead of him in Green Bay.

Round 2

  1. Team 12: Leonard Hankerson
  2. Team 2: Christian Ponder
  3. Team 10: Blaine Gabbert
  4. Team 4: Jordan Todman
  5. Team 5: Jacquizz Rogers
  6. Team 1: Demarco Murray
  7. Team 3: Greg Little
  8. Team 7: Denarius Moore
  9. Team 8: Edmund Gates
  10. Team 9: Delone Carter
  11. Team 10: Lance Kendricks
  12. Team 11: Shane Vereen

My Pick: Greg Little. My only regret about Round 1 was that I wasn’t going to be able to get Greg Little, who I had as the 3rd-best WR in the draft and 5th-best player overall. I think he just has amazing skills and has landed in the perfect position for him in Cleveland. So I couldn’t believe it when he was still around for me in Round 2 at the 19th-overall pick. He has way more potential than Hankerson, who I don’t really like (and who I compare to Little’s now-teammate Brian Robiskie). Which leads me to…

Best Pick: Greg Little. For all the reasons I just gave. Honorable mention goes to Team 7, who picked Denarius Moore. Someone’s obviously been paying attention to the great reports about Moore in Oakland.

Biggest Surprise: Overall, outside of Greg Little dropping so far, it was a pretty solid Round 2. But I was a little surprised Delone Carter dropped Jacquizz and Demarco.

Round 3

  1. Team 12: Jerrell Jernigan
  2. Team 2: Johnny White
  3. Team 4: Andy Dalton
  4. Team 10: Kyle Rudolph
  5. Team 1: Julius Thomas
  6. Team 3: Jake Locker
  7. Team 6: Colin Kaepernick
  8. Team 7: Jordan Cameron
  9. Team 8: Alex Henery
  10. Team 9: Dwayne Harris
  11. Team 3: Anthony Allen
  12. Team 11: Stevan Ridley

My Pick: Two of them — Jake Locker and Anthony Allen. Jake was just the best available player for me — who I rated as the 3rd-best QB just a hair ahead of Kaepernick — and fills a need for a young backup QB4 who isn’t John Skelton. Allen, honestly, wasn’t my pick. I have a partner who made the pick. I love Allen’s abilities (he was on my list as a 3rd-round talent) and it may work out, but he’s stuck behind Ray Rice, Ricky Williams and maybe even Jalen Parmele. I probably would have taken Vincent Brown, who was my best available at the time.

Best Pick: A lot of these picks are on my sleepers list, but I’m going to say Julius Thomas. He’s my top-rated TE in this draft and has quickly exceed expectations in Denver.

Biggest Surprise: I don’t particularly like the Johnny White pick, who is doomed in Buffalo and is way down on my list (#90 overall to be exact). But I’ve never seen someone draft a kicker in a rookies draft. Alex Henery is my biggest surprise. He could turn out to be a great kicker for the Eagles, but kickers always have such up-and-down years that it’s crazy to make one part of your dynasty strategy. Weird!

Round 4

  1. Team 12: Taiwan Jones
  2. Team 2: Demarco Sampson
  3. Team 4: Austin Pettis
  4. Team 10: Titus Young
  5. Team 1: Vincent Brown
  6. Team 5: Ryan Mallett
  7. Team 6: Mikell Leshoure
  8. Team 7: Jamie Harper
  9. Team 8: No Pick
  10. Team 9: No Pick
  11. Team 3: Darvin Adams
  12. Team 11: Ricky Stanzi

My Pick: Darvin Adams, WR for the Panthers. OK, once again this is my partner’s pick since I was incommunicado during this part of the draft. He was my 61st-ranked guy in the draft. Maybe my partner deserves some credit for being seriously deep about this pick. Maybe he realizes that Adams was Cam Newton’s top target in college and that kind of chemistry may carry over to the pros. Maybe he realized that, with David Gettis potentially being out for the season and no other WR definitely above him on the depth chart, that Adams could just become the top target Carolina needs across from Steve Smith.

Or maybe he owes me an apology…

I would have taken Bilal Powell. Which would have made a lot of sense because we have Shonn Greene. I’m not particularly enamoured of Powell myself — unlike a lot of people — but he’s probably going to get a chance to contribute.

Best Pick: Vincent Brown. His hype train has cooled off lately with Malcom Floyd resigning, but he could still contribute a lot as their 3rd receiver this year.

Biggest Surprise: Probably Darvin Adams. Or that Taiwan Jones lasted as long as he did.

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