2011: Top 20 Dynasty Rookie WRs

1. A.J. “Adriel” Green, WR, Bengals, 1st round. Ga.: Very good size. Excellent balance. Very crisp routes. Very tough to tackle. Very strong lower body, average upper body. Good, quick hands, speed, and quickness for the size. Good vision after catch. Nice tracking. Looked lost in Combine gauntlet drill, though. Definitely a day-1 starter for Bengals and is likely their WR1 right away. However, his production may be reduced first year with rookie QB starting. In training camp highlights, repeatedly beat their top CB badly. Long-term value through the roof. Was Junior.

2. Julio “Quintorris” Jones, WR, Falcons, 1st round. Ala.: Good size. Elite speed, quickness, and explosiveness. Very crisp routes. Great acceleration off of line. Good stiff-arm. Runs like a RB and is smooth after the catch. Good body control on sidelines. Tough — played great in bowl game with broken hand and was most outstanding WR in Combine with a broken foot. Had pin inserted in foot and practiced again by May. Below-average upper-body strength. Will immediately pair with Roddy White and should produce like a number-2 WR right away. Long-term prospects only limited by presence of White on other side. Was a Junior.

3. Greg Little, WR, Browns, 2nd round. N. Car.: Good size and H-back bulk. Very strong upper body and isn’t afraid to get physical. Great hands and body control. Good speed, explosiveness, and quickness for the size. Good vision, which he uses when running after catch. Fair concentration. Very volatile personality. Cross between Dez Bryant and Hakeem Nicks. Ineligible during 2010 for having a relationship with an agent. Has only 1 season of experience at WR after being a RB, so he’s still learning the position. Is entering a system that fits his skills very well. Should start almost immediately if lockout ends in time for training camp. Should be team’s number-1 WR when he starts. Will eventually produce like a WR1. Getting a lot of red-zone work in camp.

4. Tandon Doss, WR, Ravens, 4th round. Ind.: Good size. Nice routes and tracking. Adjusts fairly well to off-target passes. Is also reportedly tough, though not super-smooth after the catch. Fair concentration. Fair stop-and-start. Has a little trouble with fast passes. Below-average upper-body strength. Also a KR. Junior who has declared for 2011 draft. Not able to work out at pro day due to groin injury. Should back up Boldin on team and may contribute by 2012. Eventual fantasy WR2 potential on run-heavy team.

5. Randall Cobb, WR, Packers, 2nd round. Ky.: Below-average size. Smooth after the catch. Switches hands smartly. Strong hands — held ball in 1 hand even after being hit. Above-average speed and acceleration. Experienced at running short routes, with a lot of 3-yard out patterns. Very decisive as a PR. Also wildcat QB. Questionable hands, concentration and toughness — short-armed a pass over middle during bowl game and also dropped an easy pass, though reportedly showed excellent hands on pro day. Below-average change of direction and upper-body strength. Not much of a blocker. Junior who has declared for 2011 draft. Could immediately replace James Jones or Jordy Nelson as team’s WR3 and, in this explosive offense, could be quality fantasy WR2 by 2012 with Driver’s retirement.

6. Jonathan Baldwin, WR, Chiefs, 1st round. Pitt.: Great size, which he uses to great advantage in red zone. Excellent verticals and explosiveness. Very good speed for the size. Good hands. Average upper-body strength. Fair body control. Runs a little out of control. Needs to be quicker out of breaks. Misjudged ball going up in bowl game and at Combine, too. Suspect concentration. Not a big part of 2010 bowl game. Has never been a super-productive receiver, though that may be because of Pitt’s conservative philosophy. Often compared physically to Larry Fitzgerald. Junior who has declared for 2011 draft. Reportedly had excellent pro day. Will likely be starter opposite Bowe right away, though he could use some time to learn the more complicated pro game. Teams’ running emphasis will limit his potential, but he may be a quality fantasy WR3 eventually.

7. Denarius Moore, WR, Raiders, 5th round. Tenn.: Average size. Explosive. Very good speed, concentration and body control. Dangerous after the catch. Fairly quick. Inconsistent hands — looked effortless during Combine gauntlet drill, and can make the tough catch, but he loses concentration on easy ones. Very willing blocker who gives great effort. Weak upper body. Played in NFLPA Game. Suited to be Louis Murphy’s backup, and could be solid starter if given the chance. Has looked very good in training camp. Likely not better than fantasy WR3 anytime soon.

8. Vincent Brown, WR, Chargers, 3rd round. San Diego St.: Slightly below-average size. Excellent quickness out of breaks — gets hips very low on breaks and pops out of them. Nice routes and runs smoothly after the catch. Nice double moves. Fights for yards. Fair concentration. Had big 2010 bowl game. Late add to Senior Bowl. Very good hands in Senior Bowl practices, though slightly inconsistent. Below-average speed. Hamstring has limited him in camp. Weak upper body. Average speed. May fill in nicely as team’s slot WR replacing Crayton and could eventually be solid fantasy WR4.

9. Jerrel Jernigan, WR, Giants, 3rd round. Troy: Short, but adequate bulk. Very good hands, speed and quickness. Great vision and moves after catch. Very natural hands. Excellent returner who is balanced, smart, and tough to find and tackle. Shows good field awareness. Fairly tough — injured in bowl game but returned. Also was injured during Senior Bowl training and was replaced on roster. Very weak upper body. Looks like a great slot receiver. Likely to start immediately in slot, but his potential limited by offense.

10. Austin Pettis, WR, Rams, 3rd round. Boise St.: Very good size. Excellent quickness in short spaces. Tough — broke leg late in 2009 but was able to play in bowl. Very good hands — and can high-point the ball though he doesn’t get very high in jump ball situations. Athletic, with good body control. Adequate speed for the size. Below-average upper-body strength, but uses superior size to box out corners for jump balls. Fumbled going into end zone in 2010 bowl game. Played in Senior Bowl. May have landed in one of the best spots for him, with no clear-cut better WRs on Rams team. Will compete with Brandon Gibson and Danario Alexander for WR2 spot, and should beat them by the end of the year. Will give Bradford a great red-zone target and possession receiver. Has eventual high-end WR2 potential.

11. Dwayne Harris, WR, Cowboys, 6th round. E. Car.: Below-average height (but good bulk) with RB build. Super-athletic with excellent vision and good moves and decisiveness as a returner — heads upfield without hesitation. Very good acceleration. Gets through the smallest creases. Quick out of breaks and runs crisp routes. Tenacious runner who fights hard for extra yards. Above-average quickness. Great hands in bowl game, though inconsistent in Senior Bowl practice. Average speed. Sometimes doesn’t pay attention to QB when running routes. Poor ball security after contact. Very weak upper body. Late add to Senior Bowl. I compare him to Percy Harvin. Likely to be plugged into the slot on team, but his long-term prospects severely limited by presence of Bryant and Austin. Has WR2 ability, but will likely only ever have a fantasy WR3 ceiling.

12. Titus Young, WR, Lions, 2nd round. Boise St.: Slightly below-average height, but poor bulk. Very good speed and offers YAC. Tracks ball very well. Very crisp routes. Also a KR, but tends to dance too much rather than head upfield. Willing to seek contact on returns. Ball gets through to body on catches at times. Seemed to lose concentration over middle in Senior Bowl game. Seems to run a little out of control in the open field. Little bit of Eddie Royal in him, though many are comparing him to DeSean Jackson. Enters offense with a lot of developing stars, and will most likely fall short of expectations due to competition for touches. Eventual WR2 potential.

13. Torrey “James” Smith, WR, Ravens, 2nd round. Md.: Average size and upper-body strength. Very good speed and verticals. Also looks fairly effective in the red zone. OK hands and can go up and snag passes. Loses concentration over the middle and short-arms it when he thinks contact is coming. Long legs that seem to go out of control and limit quickness out of breaks. Doesn’t complete his routes. Not much of a blocker. Also a KR. Junior who has declared for 2011 draft. Could be team’s deep threat, but not likely to have huge fantasy impact in run-based offense. Ceiling is fantasy WR4.

14. Jeremy Kerley, WR, Jets, 5th round. TCU: Below-average size. Explosive returner with very good after-catch abilities. Very good acceleration, hands and body control. Makes solid decisions. Crisp routes and gets out of breaks cleanly and quickly. Keeps balance after hit. Below-average track speed, though he seems to play much faster and quicker. Below-average upper-body strength. Played in Senior Bowl. Comes to Jets WR corps that could be all new in 2011, with FA defections. Could become their slot WR depending on team’s other WR moves, but likely not much more than fantasy WR5 potential.

15. Leonard Hankerson, WR, Redskins, 3rd round. Miami: Average size. Uses size well against smaller defenders. Adjusts well to underthrown passes. Also shows nice concentration in traffic. Works back to QB very well under pressure. Average speed, but very good track speed. Good lower-body strength. Fair hands, but has a hard time snagging passes away from his body or high-velocity passes — a tendency that also showed in Combine gauntlet. Also allows passes to get through to body too often. Seems to have trouble making quick cuts. Below-average upper-body strength. Played in Senior Bowl. I compare him to Brian Robiskie. Is part of an aging Washington WR corps and should get a chance to play by 2012. Prospects limited by run-based offense and questions at QB. Likely never more than a fantasy WR3.

16. Armand Robinson , WR, Steelers, UDFA. Miami (Ohio): Good size. Very good speed. Good hands. Quick out of breaks. Nice verticals. Willing to go to ground for ball and go over the middle. Tough and fights for extra yardage. Good stiff-arm. Tracks well over shoulder. Willing blocker. Uncoverable in MAC Championship. Also used a bit out of backfield. Played in Eastham Energy Game. Has been impressive in camp.

17. Aldrick Robinson, WR, Redskins, 6th round. SMU: Below-average size. Elite track speed. Very good quickness. Gets good separation deep. Fair acceleration. RB running style and smooth after the catch. Good red zone target — 8 straight games with a TD. Runs crisp routes. Adjusts well to underthrown ball. Catches very well with hands, though hands have been an issue in camp. Average upper-body strength. Suspect ball security. Questionable decisions as KR. Looks like a solid slot guy and enters Redskins WR corps that has no certain starters. Could be team’s version of Rod Smith, but not likely to be more than fantasy WR4 with team’s QB questions. Is also working on KR in camp.

18. Edmond Gates, WR, Dolphins, 4th round. Abilene Christian: Slightly below-average size. Elite speed and explosiveness. Nice tracking and reliable hands. Fairly crisp routes. Average upper-body strength. Bernard Scott’s cousin. Late add to Senior Bowl, but injured his hamstring on Day 2. Gives Dolphins a deep threat they didn’t have and should contribute right away in 4-WR sets (if the Dolphins run any of those in their offense). Eventual 3rd option behind Bess and Marshall. Prospects also limited by team’s heavy run-game reliance. Potential eventual fantasy WR4.

19. Terrence Toliver, WR, Texans, UDFA. LSU: Very good size. Excellent quickness for the size. Good speed for the size. Quick feet help him run good routes. Tracks ball well over shoulder. In Shrine Game practices, reportedly shielded defenders well and soaked up coaching. Also showed very good hands, adjustment, and concentration. Good blocker. Fairly tough — pulled hamstring at pro day but completed workout. Knows how to take a hit but is easily knocked off routes. Inconsistent concentration, dropping at least 2 passes in 2009 bowl.

20. DeMarco Sampson, WR, Cardinals, 7th round. San Diego St.: Good effort guy. Nice routes and hands. Below-average upper-body strength. Good size and speed. Average athleticism and quickness. Had injury trouble early in college. Depending on team’s FA WRs, Sampson could actually start for this team. And with Fitz on other side (and maybe Roberts in slot) could be fairly productive given adequate QB play. Not likely to be a fantasy star, but could contribute as fantasy WR5.

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