2009 Sleeper of the Year

OK, so I watched the last of the 3 big college all-star games (the Texas vs. the Nation game), and I came away with one guy who was absolutely the best guy on the field on offense. Bernard Scott from Abilene Christian U.

I admit, I’d never heard of him before. But he is actually not as much of an unknown to the rest of college football as he is to me. But this year, Ive been watching as many bowl games and all-star games as I can, because I’m part of a dynasty fantasy football league where we keep our entire rosters year after year, and only draft the rookies coming in.

But like I said, even though this guy just completely slipped under my radar, he was awesome in that game. Running through and around guys, always getting the extra yard, always heading downfield. It just looked like he was the best player on the field every time he touched the ball.

So I checked out his college stats, and they’re just sick. Because his school’s Division 2, his competition wasn’t top-notch. Even so, he rushed for over 2,100 yards and still caught passes for another 1,000 yards — with 34 TDs — IN 2008 ALONE! IN 2007, he was just as dominant, with 39 total TDs. That’s 73 TDs in just two seasons. This year, he won the Harlon Hill award (the Heisman of Division 2), after being second the year before.

From 2004-2006, he kicked around at a couple of other schools due to off-field troubles, but still rushed for 1,200 and 10 TDs his freshman year at Central Arkansas, then 20-something TDs at a junior college his sophomore year. He’s stayed out of trouble and become more of a leader the past couple of years (he also turned 25 this week, so he’s gotten older), and it looks like he’s turned a maturity corner.

And it seems like nobody is talking about this guy. People see him as MAYBE an undrafted free agent. So I’m putting my evaluation skills on the line here and saying that Bernard Scott is my sleeper pick of the year. I just wanted to be the first on record as saying this.

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