2009 Rookie Dynasty Draft

I belong to a dynasty fantasy football league where we can keep our entire roster year-to-year. It’s a 12-team league with 29-man rosters and you start 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, a TE, Kicker, and Team Defense. We held our inaugural draft last year (for veterans and rookies) but this year was the first time that we were drafting rookies only.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of information online ranking rookies only. Or, at least, when I was doing my own research, I didn’t find many. And they certainly aren’t current. So I decided to post the results of our own draft to help other players understand where the rookies are being drafted.

Good luck!

Here are the results of the first round. Team names have been deleted to protect the innocent and guilty alike, but they know who they are. And even if they don’t, I do, and will make fun of them behind their backs until next year.

1. Michael Crabtree
2. Donald Brown
3. Knowshon Moreno
4. Mark Sanchez
5. Jeremy Maclin
6. Shonn Greene
7. Darrius Heyward-Bey
8. Matt Stafford
9. Chris Wells
10. LeSean McCoy
11. Hakeem Nicks
12. James Davis

Best pick: Sanchez at four. I think he’ll end up being the best player from this draft.

Biggest surprise for me is that Crabtree went #1. Keep in mind, this draft happened on August 8, when Crabtree was already over a week holding out, with no real end in sight. Gutsy move, especially when the team that got him already has Calvin Johnson, Roddy White, Anthony Gonzalez and Eddie Royal.

Second-biggest surprise is James Davis going in the first round at all. I’ve seen him play a little bit, and I have him ranked in the 50s. I mean, the guy who drafted Davis does have Jamal Lewis, so he obviously wanted the handcuff, but I honestly don’t think James Davis is going to win him any trophies. But what are you going to do? This is the same guy who picked David Garrard fifth overall in our inaugural draft last year.

Otherwise, the first round was fairly typical of other drafts I’ve seen, outside of McCoy and Wells dropping past six picks.
13. Percy Harvin
14. Rashad Jennings
15. Glen Coffee
16. Gartrell Johnson
17. Brian Robiskie
18. Brandon Pettigrew
19. Kenny Britt
20. Juaquin Iglesias
21. Javon Ringer
22. Pat White
23. Josh Freeman
24. Chase Coffman

Best pick: Robiskie. In the 2nd round, I think it’s a good idea to make sure you get a solid player who can get you points on a consistent basis, and that’s what Robiskie’s gonna do. Probably 10-12 points a game. Good enough for a second WR.

Biggest surprise was either Iglesias or Ringer. I think they’ll be good players, and I have them rated in the first 36 picks, but this is still a little high for guys who probably won’t play much, if at all, this year.

25. Ramses Barden
26. Bernard Scott
27. Jared Cook
28. Andre Brown
29. Mike Wallace
30. Patrick Turner
31. Deon Butler
32. Stephen McGee
33. Javarris Williams
34. Mohamed Massaquoi
35. Austin Collie
36. Johnny Knox

Best pick: Bernard Scott. I think this guy is going to one day be considered a gem, and I was seriously peeved when he was picked before I could get to him in this round. I wanted to pick him in Round 2, but thought nobody else had heard of him, and decided to wait. My bad.

Biggest surprise: Either that Andre Brown slipped down to this round or that Javarris Williams slipped up to it. I would have said that the surprise is Stephen McGee, but the guy who drafted him also owns Romo, and McGee is a good rookie handcuff for years to come. And a month ago, Knox would have been a surprise, but he’s been lighting it up in training camp and OTAs.

Most people would also consider it a surprise that Deon Butler went this high — but since this was my pick, it’s not so surprising to me.

37. Brooks Foster
38. Brandon Tate
39. Shawn Nelson
40. Demetrius Byrd
41. Mike Goodson
42. Arian Foster
43. Richard Quinn
44. Nate Davis
45. Bear Pascoe
46. Louis Murphy
47. Aaron Kelly
48. James Casey

Best pick: A tie between Nate Davis and Louis Murphy. I’m one of the few people who thinks that Davis is a quality QB of the future for the 49ers. And Louis Murphy looks like he might be a better pick than Darrius Heyward-Bey in Oakland — if Jamarcus or Garcia can get him the ball, that is…

Biggest surprise: A few surprises to me here, but the biggest must be Demetrius Byrd. I think he could be a quality #3 some day, but there were plenty of better options out there.

Second-biggest surprise is Bear Pascoe. Behind Vernon Davis on the 49ers, he won’t have much of a chance, and he’s expected to be a blocker mostly. However, he does have good hands, and could contribute, but with guys like Beckum and Cornelius Ingram out there (this was before we heard the news that Ingram’s out for the year) there were better options out there. And of course, this is the guy who picked James Davis in the first and Garrard at 5 overall last year.

49. Jeremiah Johnson
50. Jarrett Dillard
51. PJ Hill
52. Anthony Hill
53. Devin Moore
54. Mike Thomas
55. Mike Teel
56. Sammie Stroughter
57. Cornelius Ingram
58. Travis Beckum
59. Derrick Williams
60. Brandon Gibson

Best pick: Jarrett Dillard was my pick, and I like him, but I like the Devin Moore pick, too. He’s in a crowded backfield with Duckett and Julius Jones in Seattle, but, you know, they’re Duckett and Jones. It’s not like Moore’s trying to make the Titans’ or Giants’ backfield. Moore should be a quality player for a long time. He’s strong, fast, can catch, and has great quickness.

Now that I think about it, maybe I should have picked Moore instead…

Biggest surprise: Mike Teel. Hasselbeck’s getting older, which gives Teel a good shot to start some day, but he didn’t exactly light it up in college, did he? Not even throwing to Kenny Britt. Would have picked Curtis Painter, Rhett Bomar, and John Parker Wilson before Teel.

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