2015 NFL Draft

Here is where you will be able to access all of the information I’ve put together related to the 2015 NFL draft.

Positional Rankings

  • Quarterbacks — Coming in late March 2015.
  • Running Backs — Coming in late March 2015.
  • Wide Receivers — Coming in late March 2015.
  • Tight Ends and Fullbacks — Coming in late March 2015.
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Rannell Hall, WR/PR/KR, Central Florida – 2015

All-Star Games: Was invited to the College Gridiron Showcase, but opted to go to the Senior Bowl.

Positives: Has adequate height and bulk for the position. Runs with adequate speed. His best attribute is his quickness, though. He’s dangerous after the catch and on punt returns, and changes directions very well. Also shows above-average vision on kick returns and offers very good ability for yards after the catch as wide receiver. Good stop-and-start ability. Quick off of the line, with above-average acceleration to get past press coverage. Has very good body control and ball skills and can adjust position and catch consistently while falling. Is also nimble enough to consistently get both feet down on the sidelines. Generally has good hands and hand-eye coordination, and  can snag fast passes. Has quick hands to come down with passes without tipping off the cornerback, and can come down with passes right out of his breaks. Has the body control to adjust well to off-target passes. Shows good concentration when a hit is coming. Is an above-average route runner with adequate quickness into and out of his breaks. Nimble enough to get both feet down on sidelines. Tracks passes well over his inside shoulder. Good lower-body strength, and is hard to bring down in the open field even if a defender can get a hand on him. Very good effort after contact, and can maintain his balance when defenders are trying to knock him down. Protects the ball well after the catch. Makes smart kick-return decisions.

Negatives: Though his hands are usually very good, there are lapses where he will let a ball get to his body. Also, though he tracks passes well over his inside shoulder, he’s not as reliable tracking over his outside shoulder. Runs a little bit out of balance after his breaks. Needs to more consistently attack the ball in the air instead of waiting for it to come to him.

Projection: Round 5. He’s flying a little under the radar. I think he has the skills to be at least a 3rd rounder, but he’s downgraded some due to the talent in this draft. Has the skills to be a very good WR2 or low-end WR1.

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Titus Davis, WR/PR, Central Michigan – 2015

All-Star Games: Was invited to the Shrine Game, but declined due to injury.

Positives: Has above-average height and adequate bulk for the position. Has generally good hands with very good concentration on contested passes and in traffic. He’s also effective in jump-ball situations – has nice verticals and is able to go up and get the ball in traffic. Runs with adequate speed and above-average lateral quickness – can make the first defender miss after the catch. He seems to have pretty strong hands and can hold the ball well while defenders are trying to strip it. Tracks passes well even over his outside shoulder. After the catch, he is hard to bring down, and will fight through arm tackles. He has some nice agility, adjusting fairly well to passes thrown behind him and also being fairly nimble on sideline catches. Adequate downfield blocker.

Negatives: Though his hands and concentration are usually spot on, he will let the occasional pass get to his body. He also makes some questionable decisions as a punt returner, fielding punts on the run in traffic when he should just fair catch. Has had some trouble with more physical corners, and has a hard time getting off press coverage. Character red flag: Was suspended from 2012 bowl game for unknown team rule violation.

Projection: Round 6. In other drafts that weren’t so top-heavy with wide receiver talent, I could see him being a 3rd-rounder. He has the talent to be successful in the NFL, but will need to get stronger and work on his technique to get open. As it is, he should be OK against lesser CBs and should be a solid WR2 or WR3.

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Sammie Coates, WR, Auburn – 2015

Junior who has already graduated and will enter the 2015 NFL Draft.

All-Star Games: Senior Bowl.

Positives: Good height and bulk for the position, with adequate hand size. A very athletic wide receiver with plus attributes just about everywhere. Runs with above-average speed and quickness. Though he hasn’t been super-effective at it, he has all the skills to be a good route runner. He has quick feet and is quick out of his breaks. Gets pretty good separation from defenders in his routes. His hands are also above average, and he has the agility and body control to be able to extend for passes away from his frame and adjust to off-target passes well. He also shows good concentration on tipped passes and tracks passes well over his inside shoulder. Is willing to be physical and isn’t afraid to catch passes over the middle. He has a strong upper body, and isn’t easy to bring down after the catch. Good downfield blocker. Knows to work back to the quarterback when he’s scrambling.

Negatives: Though he has the quickness to do it, his route running is suspect and he doesn’t always seem to be in sync with his quarterback. There are some lapses in his hands, and he tends to body catch or bobble too many passes. Injured his groin in the Senior Bowl.

Projection: Late Round 1. While not a finished product, he has too many good attributes to be anything but valuable for a team. He’ll already be tough to cover in the NFL, but – if he gets some coaching on his routes – he will become very hard to cover in the NFL.

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Chris Conley, WR, Georgia – 2015

All-Star Games: NFLPA Game.

Positives: Has good height and adequate bulk for the position. His best attribute is that he has excellent, strong hands. He can consistently snag passes and extend well. He shows no fear in going over the middle, and shows consistently good concentration on contested passes and in traffic. Shows good body control and can adjust to back-shoulder passes well. Tracks passes very well over his inside shoulder. Is able to run with above-average speed. Is also a pretty effective downfield blocker. Seems tough, and played the entire 2014 season and through the NFLPA Game with a partially dislocated shoulder.

Negatives: He is a long strider who has difficulty making quick, crisp cuts, which leads to rounding off his routes and not getting as much separation from defenders as he could. He has also been known to drop wide-open passes in the end zone – a function more of concentration issues than of his hands. In addition to his shoulder dislocation, he also injured his ankle late in 2013 and was still affected by it in 2013 bowl game.

Projection: Round 5. His toughness and propensity for making the tough catch give him a great chance to be a solid contributor in the NFL. But his suspect route running and lack of a dynamic aspect to his game may limit him to a complementary role, but a productive one.

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Nelson Agholor, WR/PR, Southern California – 2015

Junior who has declared for the 2015 NFL draft.

Positives: Adequate height and bulk for the position. Generally very good hands and concentration – looks passes in, extends well and consistently. Good and consistent concentration in traffic and on contested passes, and will hold the ball even when he knows a big hit is coming. Generally reliable punt return fielding hands. Runs with above-average speed and accelerates well enough for his size after cuts – making for effective double moves when running routes. Above-average vision and lateral quickness for yards after the catch and to sidestep the first tackler on punts. After the catch, he runs with pretty good body lean to stay strong after the catch. Also uses an effective stiff arm to keep tacklers away from him and fight through contact. Smart kick return fielding decisions, and lets ball bounce out of bounds. Gets good separation on deep routes. Is willing to lower his shoulder to drive through defensive backs at the end of plays. Is very aware of where the first down marker is and will tiptoe down the sidelines to get the first down. Has improved his downfield blocking over his college career and is now very solid.

Negatives: Suspect route running, and rounds them off consistently – though he has the quickness to correct this. Will drop some punts on occasion when he looks upfield before securing the ball. Though he usually comes down with passes, he also seems to double-clutch a lot of them and have some trouble when he has to lay out for passes. Dislocated middle finger at Combine.

Projection: Round 2. I look at him as a larger version of 2014 draftee out of USC Marqise Lee without the injury history. Can contribute as both a receiver and returner right away, and could be a solid WR2 and potential low-end WR1 in time.

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Justin Hardy, WR/PR, East Carolina – 2015

All-Star Games: Senior Bowl.

Positives: Runs with above-average speed, and accelerates well after the catch. Is very quick, with good change-of-direction ability. Runs above-average routes, and they have improved over his college career. His breaks are crisp and sudden, and he understands how to set up defensive backs well to get positioning on slants. He also completes his routes to maintain separation from comebacks. Has very good hands and hand-eye coordination – can extend to highpoint passes, catching with his hands consistently instead of letting the ball get to his body. He’s helped in this by his good hand size and hand strength – strong enough to hold the ball while defenders are trying to strip it away. His hands are quick, and he is able to wait until the last second to adjust his position or route and go up for passes – making it hard for cornerbacks to cover him. Good body control and adjusts very well to snag fast passes. He knows to come back to help scrambling quarterbacks. Good vertical leap and seems to be a solid red-zone target who wins jump ball situations. Has good open field vision for extra yards. Above-average balance after contact high on his frame and can keep going through traffic in the open field. Fair concentration and can catch a pass even after he slips. Tracks passes well over his inside shoulder. Fights for yards consistently and doesn’t make himself easy to tackle. Is strong enough to hold the ball when he’s getting hit hard. Is also a pretty good downfield blocker. Above-average vision and creativity as a punt returner and seems to catch the ball effortlessly. He also gets himself in good position on punts to head upfield and make defenders miss immediately. Above-average ball security technique down the field and will protect both hands.

Negatives: Below-average height and slightly below-average bulk for the position. Will sometimes have lapses in concentration. Seems to misjudge passes in flight a bit. Needs to be more aware of depth of comeback route, but seemed improved in this in his senior year. Projection:

Round 1. He reminds me of a stronger Brandin Cooks, who went to the Saints in the first round in 2014. I expect him to be even better than Cooks has been in the NFL, and he’s about as ready to contribute as a wide receiver can be. Teams that miss out on Kevin White or Amari Cooper will still be able to get an excellent receiver later in the round.

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Javorius “Buck” Allen, RB, Southern California – 2015

Redshirt junior who has declared for the 2015 NFL Draft.

Positives: Has great height and good bulk for the position – built almost like a fullback. Has adequate track speed for the position, and above-average for a runner of his size. Runs patiently and waits for blocks to develop behind the line, showing adequate cutback vision. Is a fairly athletic runner with above-average lateral quickness and ability to sidestep tacklers in the open field. He also runs with adequate power and churns through contact fairly well for extra yards – usually falling forward after contact. He also runs tough, and doesn’t seem to want to go out of bounds at the end of plays. Is also a very experienced receiver with above-average hands. Has the agility, body control, and coordination to be able to extend and highpoint passes and adjust to passes thrown behind him. He has a lot of experience and understanding of pass protection. Though his ball security technique is below average, he at least knows to switch hands to the outside on sideline runs. Showed some versatility in college by being the team’s wildcat quarterback.

Negatives: Although he shows fair lateral quickness, it takes him a while to change course on the move – below-average overall quickness. And though he has enough cutback vision, he seems indecisive behind the line and even in the hole, missing some opportunities to accelerate through. Has below-average ball security and will hold the ball loosely even when he knows a hit is coming. Runs a little bit upright, and looks like he’d be much stronger with better body lean.

Projection: Round 5. Though he has more athleticism than you might expect from a bigger back, he isn’t very dynamic. But he does have a nice combination of receiving, running, and pass-protection skills that give him a lot of value at the next level. Expect him to be a solid contributor. Might also be a nice fill-in at fullback for a West Coast team.

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David Cobb, RB, Minnesota – 2015

All-Star Games: Senior Bowl.

Positives: Good height and bulk for the position, with adequate hand size. Above-average speed and power, breaking several arm tackles on a single play. Good balance after contact. Patient behind the line and in the open field, following his blockers fairly well after the catch and being decisive as he makes his cuts. Shows above-average lateral quickness and a nice jump cut behind the line to find running lanes. Also runs pretty tough, with high knees. He churns his legs well through contact and in short-yardage situations to gain extra yards and push the pile. Has pretty quick feet and can make people miss in the open field, but is more often a slasher who will just make slight changes in angle instead of big jump cuts. Fair agility, with an effective spin move in the open field and for extra yards off of contact. Shows generally above-average hands, concentration, and coordination as a receiver – extends well, will lay out, and can come down with well-covered passes. As a pass blocker, can at least step up to meet and cut defenders. Protects the ball with both hands when a hit is coming.

Negatives: Below-average acceleration and speed when running routes. A little hesitant behind the line. Below-average vision for cutbacks both behind the line and in the open field, where he will run into contact. As a slashing-style runner, he also shows below-average ability to make big changes in direction, lacking balance making big cuts, and often slipping. Lacks creativity as a runner. Doesn’t accelerate well after contact. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated consistently below-average ball security technique when running through the line. He also is not an effective pass blocker – he consistently misjudges his position, lunges at defenders while cut blocking, or getting stood up, missing defenders or putting himself off balance. Isn’t very aggressive as a blocker and gets caught flat-footed, easily losing his base when he should rise up to meet defenders in the pocket. Injured quadriceps and sat out his March 2015 pro day.

Projection: Round 5. He has a lot of nice qualities as a runner and receiver, and could be a big part of a committee approach. A lot of his deficiencies are in pass protection, though, which will limit him off the bat. If he improves in that area, he has a chance to be more of a workhorse back.

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Cameron Artis-Payne, RB, Auburn – 2015

Transferred from junior college in 2013.

All-Star Games: Senior Bowl.

Positives: Is a patient, slashing-type runner behind the line, but is also decisive when he makes his cuts. Runs with adequate speed and burst and has quick feet to keep defenders guessing. He doesn’t change directions super-suddenly, but he is able to deceptively change angles on the move to keep gaining yards. Runs tough, with above-average power, and is not easy to bring down. He’s able to get low through the line in short-yardage situations to tunnel for extra yards. Churns his legs well through contact, with above-average balance. Uses a stiffarm well – not only on outside runs, but on inside runs, too. Has shown generally adequate hands and body control, and can adjust to passes thrown behind him. Good pass protector who maintains his base and leverage on impact. Was a versatile player in college, and was the team’s wildcat quarterback.

Negatives: Doesn’t have exceptional size, and has slightly below-average height, bulk, and hand size for the position. Also seems to have a short wingspan. Has below-average cutback vision behind the line and will push the ball too far into line before trying to make a move. Doesn’t seem capable of sudden changes of direction. Though he is effective in short-yardage situations when he is decisive, he sometimes dances behind the line too much, losing momentum. He is also a little slow to get going downfield after the catch. Though he showed some receiving skills in limited opportunities in college, he isn’t very experienced as a receiver. Will also bobble some passes. Is already 24 years old.

Projection: Round 5. He has enough running and receiving ability – and short-yardage ability – to be effective in that role in the pros. But he’s not so exceptional that he will be more than a situational or committee back in the NFL.

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Mike Davis, RB, South Carolina – 2015

Junior who has declared for the 2015 NFL draft.

Positives: Though he is shorter than your typical NFL running back, he has a compact, strong build with adequate bulk. He runs with above-average speed and burst, with quick feet to get through traffic at the line. He can also run tough and decisively, with good power. He churns well through contact for extra yards, and is very effective in goal line and short-yardage situations. He runs angry and doesn’t give up on runs – always reaching for extra yards. He shows good vision for small creases and can find running room in small areas and lower his head to tunnel through the line. Though a very solid inside runner, he can also reverse field and take the ball outside. Good balance after contact.  Protects the ball well through the line.  He has adequate hands. He is also generally an above-average pass blocker.

Negatives: Though he is well built, he has below-average height for a typical running back. Below-average track speed for the position and size. Fairly long injury history. Though he is a fair pass blocker, he tends to go low on defenders instead of trying to maintain his feet and use technique to maintain blocks. He is less effective as a blocker when he is supposed to rise up and meet the defender, and the defender will get right past him. Rib and ankle injuries slowed him first half of 2014 season.

Projection: Round 3. Reminds me of Devonta Freeman, and can be either a large part of a committee approach or a workhorse back (though his running style and injury history might keep him more of a RBBC back). His ceiling is probably Warrick Dunn.

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