2015 NFL Draft

Here is where you will be able to access all of the information I’ve put together related to the 2015 NFL draft.

Positional Rankings

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Jake Waters, QB, Kansas State – 2015

Junior college transfer in 2013.

Positives: Is capable of nice touch as well as above-average velocity and can fit it through tight windows. Has the athleticism and speed to escape the pocket to one side. Knows when to throw the ball away on the run. Runs like a running back with good body lean. Above-average speed. Above-average quickness. Willing to slide as a runner.

Negatives: Height and weight are below average for the position. Uses his velocity inconsistently, and will float some passes that he should drive. Below-average touch on deep passes and throws with too low of a trajectory. Inconsistent accuracy, often causing his receivers to leave their feet. Below-average decision-making outside of the pocket, and will consistently throw across his body on the run. Long delivery. Inconsistent throwing mechanics, and will often throw passes sidearm or three-quarter, not step into his throws, and twist his body while throwing. Needs to learn to throw the ball away under pressure. Consistently poor pocket sense, and doesn’t seem to show much escapability when the pocket collapses. Below-average anticipation and will wait too long for receivers to get open. Holds the ball too long in the pocket and will take a lot of sacks. Injured shoulder in November 2014 and missed unknown amount of time. On pitch plays, he will sometimes toss them inaccurately.

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Thomas Rawls, RB, Central Michigan – 2015

Transferred from Michigan in 2014.

Positives: Above-average cutback vision and quickness. Fairly patient behind the line. Above-average track speed for the position. Adequate change-of-direction quickness in Pro Day measures.

Negatives: Below-average height and adequate bulk for the position. Poor lateral quickness in Pro Day measures. Arrested for assault in 2012 but was found not guilty. Arrested for theft in September 2014 and was suspended for a week. Did not play in 2014 bowl game due to some obscure academic issue.

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Austin Dodge, QB, Southern Oregon-NAIA – 2015

Positives: Though he ran a spread offense in college, its up-tempo nature forced him to make quick decisions. Also has a lot of experience throwing deep passes. Okay deep accuracy. Okay arm strength and velocity. Fair accuracy rolling to the left. Seems to have pretty good accuracy on intermediate timing patterns to the outside.

Negatives: Ran a spread offense at an NAIA level of competition, so he has a steep learning curve ahead of him. Below-average throwing mechanics – will throw off of his back foot and leaning backwards for no reason. Three-quarter release. Will hold the ball too long under pressure. Suspect decision-making on the rollout, though and will throw across his body. Doesn’t seem willing to throw the ball away. Doesn’t seem to see the field particularly well, and will throw it into triple coverage. Below-average decision-making in the red zone and will throw it into coverage there. Depends too much on his receivers to make a play on deep passes, and will throw it into coverage consistently. His vision seems to narrow in the red zone and he will miss obvious opportunities over the middle of field. Seems to have nervous feet in clutch situations.

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Trevor Siemian, QB, Northwestern – 2015

Was a redshirt senior.

Positives: Adequate velocity.

Negatives: Passes are tipped amazingly often. Longish windup with a 3/4 release. Below-average accuracy overall. Below-average arm. Below-average speed. Needs to be more aware of where the first down marker is on runs. Eyeballs receivers hard and pretty consistently. Needs to keep his eyes downfield on the run. Doesn’t sense outside pressure. Doesn’t lead receivers on crossing routes very well. Doesn’t move around well in the pocket and will drift backwards into the end zone under pressure. Doesn’t set his feet even when he has time. Needs to learn to vary his velocity. Tore ACL in November 2014.

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Andre Debose, WR/PR/KR, Florida – 2015

Was a redshirt senior.

Positives: Good speed and burst, and above-average quickness. Suspect receiving hands, but very reliable fielding hands as a punt returner. Good punt returner vision.

Negatives: Knee surgery in 2009 and missed season. Sprained knee in October 2012 and missed some time. Then tore left ACL in Summer 2013 and missed season. Granted sixth year of eligibility and returned to team in 2014. Left the team prior to the 2014 bowl game.

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Evan Spencer, WR, Ohio State – 2015

Positives: Good height and above-average bulk for the position. Good track speed for the position and size. Very good effort on off-target and contested passes. Has adequate hands. Okay downfield blocker. Threw a nice touchdown pass in 2014 bowl game.

Negatives: Injured leg in 2013 bowl game. While adequate as a downfield blocker, he is easily pulled off balance. Tends to body catch, though fairly reliably.

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Geremy Davis, WR, Connecticut – 2015

All-Star Games: NFLPA Game.

Positives: Very good height and good bulk for the position. Has above-average hands. Shows good effort after the catch. Adequate track speed for the position and above-average for his size.

Negatives: Will occasionally have some trouble coming down with passes thrown behind him. A little slow into and out of his breaks.

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Kaelin Clay, WR/KR/PR, Utah – 2015

Positives: Has adequate hands, though inconsistent. He has the body control and hand-eye coordination to adjust pretty well to off-target passes. Fights for yards after the catch. Intelligently takes a knee on kick returns when needed. Usually makes smart punt return fair catch decisions.

Negatives: Will occasionally make unwise punt return decisions trying to return in traffic – or lose yardage while trying to make a big play. He pretty consistently lets the ball get to his body, and he will bobble some when he has to extend.

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DeAndre Smelter, WR, Georgia Tech – 2015

Positives: Good height and great bulk for the position, with ridiculously large hands. Runs with adequate speed. Okay hands. Knows where the 1st down marker is, and shows good effort for extra yards. Turns upfield quickly after the catch and shows adequate vision in the open field for yards after the catch.

Negatives: Tore ACL in November 2014 and missed the rest of the season, but was better by his Pro Day.

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Ranking the TEs/FBs in the 2015 NFL Draft

To me, there’s really only one sure thing at tight end/fullback in this year’s draft, and he’s Maxx Williams, an all-around tight end who reminds a lot of people of Todd Heap because of his athleticism and hands.

After Williams, you mostly have a selection of H-backs and big wide receivers with varying degrees of competency in blocking and/or receiving. Not that they won’t grow into solid contributors or more at the pro level, but they’re all far from finished products.

  1. Maxx Williams
  2. Clive Walford
  3. Nick O’Leary
  4. Devin Funchess
  5. MyCole Pruitt
  6. Wes Saxton Jr.
  7. Blake Bell
  8. Casey Pierce
  9. Jalston Fowler
  10. Connor Hamlett
  11. CJ Uzomah
  12. Nick Boyle
  13. Jack Tabb
  14. Tyler Kroft
  15. Randall Telfer
  16. Eric Tomlinson
  17. Gerald Christian
  18. Jon Davis
  19. Mark Weisman
  20. Khari Lee
  21. Michael Burton
  22. Mike McFarland
  23. Braxton Deaver
  24. Devin Mahina
  25. Ben Koyack
  26. Alonzo Harris
  27. EJ Bibbs
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